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Everything Theater Podcast

Mar 23, 2021

David Kenner, founding company member of Wheelhouse Theater Company, joins us for a chat about being an actor during "the great pause," working as a fight coordinator, and plans for Wheelhouse Theater Company as theaters look at reopening.

Mar 18, 2021

Whatever you do... don't say "Macbeth" in a theatre! Benita and Ellen are reading your responses to our questions about stage superstitions and favorite Shakespeare plays/performances. 

Mar 9, 2021

We’re talking to John Saunders, Artistic Director of the Mac-Haydn Theatre! This theatre has been running for 52 seasons and produces 7 musicals within 4 months every summer. Hear about how this company manages such a feat and what they’re hoping to work on this summer!

Mar 2, 2021

Ellen and Benita have a chat about the moment before entering the stage - whether it's taking your mind off performing or honing in on the character in those precious moments before the curtain rises. We also talk about what projects people want to work on as soon as the pandemic is over, and some promising information...