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Everything Theater Podcast

Mar 22, 2023

Broadway actress Happy McPartlin joins us to talk about her work with "Come From Away" and "Hands on a Hard Body," balancing acting with raising a family, and being ready to cover a performance track at a moment's notice.

Mar 14, 2023

Benita and Ellen attended the Proctors 2023-2024 Season Announcement Bash to find out what's coming to Proctors and Capital Rep next year! Listen to what's in store, and catch snippets of songs from the upcoming season.

Mar 9, 2023

We take our annual break from theater to discuss our sister industry, film. Jackson Murphy (Lights Camera Jackson) is back to chat all things #Oscars with us! Will some of our more theater-themed nominees, like Martin McDonagh, take home a win? Will the academy honor actors playing iconic roles like Elvis over fictional...

Feb 28, 2023

Are audiences getting ruder, or are audiences changing in a world full of technology and instant gratification? Benita and Ellen join psychotherapist Tom Templeton to share thoughts about audience engagement, cell phones, and eating in the theater. Do audiences need to learn a lesson in respect, or do we need to adapt?

Feb 14, 2023

Edward Miskie is an actor, singer, composer, author, entrepreneur, producer, cancer survivor, and tall person. We chat with Edward about his published book "Cancer, Musical Theatre, and Other Chronic Illnesses," the impact his cancer journey had on his life as an artist, and his plans to turn his book into a TV series.